RainBird วาล์วไฟฟ้า รุ่น I150PGA BSP ขนาด 1 1/2" PGA Series NPT Electric Valve


วาล์วไฟฟ้า 24 โวล์ท ขนาด 1 1/2" (สีดำ)

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แบรนด์ : RAIN BIRD


About the Rainbird I150PGA Rainbird I150PGA 1 1/2" 24Vac Control Valve. The Rain Bird I150PGA is an International model 1-1/2" 24V-AC Electric Sprinkler Valve. It features a rugged PVC and glass-filled nylon construction for reliable operation, a closed forward flow design, a filtered pilot flow to resist any debris and clogging of the solenoid ports, and a slow closing feature that prevents water hammer and subsequent system damage. Other features include: a manual internal bleed that operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box, which allows the pressure regulator to be adjusted without even turning the valve on at the controller; a one-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing, which prevents loss of parts during field service; a non-rising flow control handle that adjusts water flow as needed; it accomodates optional, field installed PRS-D pressure regulating module to ensure optimum sprinkler performance; and it accepts latching solenoid for use with battery-operated controllers. Product Details Manufacturer: Rainbird Mpn # I150PGA Product Features - Pressure Rating: 15 - 150 PSI - 2 - 150 Gallons per Minute Flow Rate - Accepts the optional latching solenoid for use with Rain Bird battery-operated controllers up to 150 PSI.
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